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Witch’s Brew Update

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on July 10, 2010


Hallo Nourishers! A lot has happened since my last blog.  I have found my soulmate and moved to his farm!  Growing my own veggies and herbs, and starting up a new Witch's Brew market stall for the Lismore area, NSW.   I am including other witchy novelty items, as well as MORE...

Playing with Base Cream.

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on September 16, 2009


I've been wanting to make up a cream with all the smelly, folksy remedy good stuff for quite a while now, and have finally decided to give it a go with my base cream. Ingredients: base cream 50gm, cod liver oil  10gm, comfrey infused lard, MORE...

Witch’s Brew is Back!!

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on June 13, 2009


Hallo Nourishers! I have had a well rested break, and am back with more fire and energy.   Thanks to all for support and encouragement!  I have been doing some studying and found out I am a Hedgewitch!  Decided to give myself a new witchy MORE...

Witch’s Brew - No more Ebay

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on February 8, 2009


Hallo Nourishers, I am downscaling my Witch's Brew business due to personal reasons, and closing the ebay store.  You can still purchase products by contacting me directly through the Witch's Brew website, and I will invoice you and give details for bank deposit or paypal.  Once a MORE...

Grapefruit Seed Extract - Fraud?!?!

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on January 14, 2009


Hallo Nourishers, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!  Latest News:  Whilst researching preservatives, I came across a rather interesting article online, regarding the efficiacy of Grapefruit Seed Extract.  It interested me because I have been having trouble getting it to emulsify into the creams.  I also MORE...

A happy little witch.

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on December 10, 2008


Hallo all, Merry Christmas!  I hope you all have marvelous holidays!!  I'm going home to Adelaide to be with my parents and so will be shutting down my store from the dates of 21st - 29th Dec '08.  You can put in orders during this time, MORE...

Witchy News

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on November 6, 2008


  Being a good little witch, I try out all my creams and concoctions on myself and friends, but until recently have never needed to use my comfrey ointment.  I had a rather large heavy object fall directly onto my open foot while working at my MORE...

Witch’s Brew new website!

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on September 24, 2008


Hallo Nourishers! I have a new website up and running.  Its at http://www.thewitchsbrew.net I've also been researching and experimenting with shampoo bars.  They are not up and running yet, but still gestating!  I'm very excited about them though.  The cleanser bar will MORE...

Witchs Brew Update

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on August 31, 2008


Hallo all, I have been going through some family emergencies and emotional times this month, and so apologise for lack of blogging, and delays with ebay purchases. I have however, decided that my product line is getting an overhaul.  I've discovered a shampoo bar during my time away, and absolutely love it!  MORE...

Witchypoo needs some advice…

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on July 24, 2008


I have been doing more research on food grade and natural emulsifiers, and have started experimenting with soy lecithin - (non gmo), and gelatin.  Together they work really well and I'm quite excited about using these possibilities. It would be perfect for the anti-ageing cream as I can lower the price back MORE...



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