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Playing with Base Cream.

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on September 16, 2009


I’ve been wanting to make up a cream with all the smelly, folksy remedy good stuff for quite a while now, and have finally decided to give it a go with my base cream.

Ingredients: base cream 50gm, cod liver oil  10gm, comfrey infused lard, 10gm, sauerkraut juice 10gm, onion juice 10gm, powdered kelp 1 gm, whey 2gm.

Never been game enough to put all these ingredients in together without some kind of essential oil to cover fishy smell.  So here goes…

Also been using a combination of raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey, mixed with water for a toner.  Works a treat.  You combine equal parts vinegar and honey = honegar.  Then I use a spray bottle you can get from a supermarket and added one finger width honegar and then the rest with water.  Vinegar smell goes after a few minutes.  Good for extra shine on hair too.  Just don’t use too much.

Off to the kitchen to play now.  Somedays its very fun being a little witch. :-)

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  1. Update: it is not too bad. I must try it out on someone who is a little more fussy however. Outrageous smells no longer seem to bother me too much anymore.

    I more recently made up a cream for my boyfriend who is a farmer and has some warts on his hands. I used two tablespoons base cream, tablespoon goji and cacao syrup, teaspoon cod liver oil, teaspoon comfrey infused lard, teaspoon neem seed oil, and a dash of MSM. Smell also not offensive at all. Am curious to see whether it will help with the warts. He was very happy.


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