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Witch’s Brew Update

By Comfreya the Hedgewitch on July 10, 2010

Hallo Nourishers!

A lot has happened since my last blog.  I have found my soulmate and moved to his farm!  Growing my own veggies and herbs, and starting up a new Witch’s Brew market stall for the Lismore area, NSW.   I am including other witchy novelty items, as well as my products.  It is quite a cute little stall.  Happy High Herbs have also asked me to take over their Byron Bay Market Stall, and I am selling my stuff there as well.  So all in all, I have been a very contented and happy little witch!

Have been looking into reversing hair balding lately.  My lovely ‘Pan’ has beautiful curly dark hair but with a growing bald spot.  Have come across nettle, nasturtium, polygonum and saw palmetto as the best herbal remedies.  Have decided to make up a special leave-in conditioner, and call it ‘Hagrid’s Hair Regrow’.

Well that’s about it for now,

Feel free to check out my website for any of my products www.thewitchsbrew.net, or email:  info@thewitchsbrew.net

Blessings and Good Health,


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